About GenZeekit

Welcome to the first virtual model platform of its kind. At GenZeekit you can become a virtual model and get booked to work with the top fashion brands in the world. How does it work? We combine fashion technology with a revolutionary platform to connect your images with brands, host photoshoots around the world and upload your Zeekit images to our platform.

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After your images are uploaded to our platform and your profile is complete, brands we work with select your virtual images for their e-commerce sites, apps, in-store experiences, and campaigns. Not only do you get the opportunity to partner with international brands, but you get paid each time your images are used. In order to be selected, please submit your profile and images here.


Zeekit’s patent-pending technology maps a user’s image into thousands segments to determine each segment’s behavior in 3D. It analyzes a clothing item in a similar manner, and remaps the equivalent points of the clothing image onto the user’s image, accounting for body dimensions, fit, and fabric of the garment. We have also developed an AI-based recommendation software to offer shoppers the most personalized and relevant outfit suggestions, named Styler.ai.

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